While Watching the Tail End of Stuart Little 2*

So, I am out here in Oregon exploring a town I may move to. For those of you who haven’t or have yet to uproot yourselves, it’s a pretty overwhelming experience looking at a place hours away from family and asking yourself if this is what you want to do. Last night, I turned on the tv and the last scene of Stuart Little 2 came on and I thought, “Something ‘coincidental’ is about to happen.” Sure enough, the following –not verbatum– dialogue occured:

Margalo: I’ve wanted this for a long time…only…

Eleanor Little: Only what, dear?

Margalo: Well, now it’s not just dreaming about it. It’s actually happening and the world is so big and I’m so small.

Stuart: Someone once told me, you’re as big as you feel. All you need to do, is spread your wings, and soar.

Personally, every once in a while, when I find myself feeling small, that quote, “You’re as big as you feel,” always comes to mind. And what’s ironic or unexpected is, I turned on the tv and came into this scene depicting a character experiencing what I currently am in my life right now.

I just wanted to share. 🙂

Thanks for reading,


*pun not intended


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