Mune: le gardien de la lune

Welcome back younglings! This week I will be talking about Netflix’s children’s film Mune. 

Mune’s world is very much like ours. He lives on a planet that depends on the sun and moon’s balance. However, his sun and moon were carefully crafted and caught entities. Long ago, the world’s strongest man harpooned the sun and brought it close, so that the planet could have light, regulated seasons, and growing food. At the same time, a man journeyed into the realm of dreams and carved the moon, bringing relief from the sun and dreams, too.

It is within this mythology that Mune and his fellows operate.

But let’s talk about Mune himself for a moment. Clearly an adolescent, Mune’s character physically, closely resembles a combination of a llama and lemur. His other night companions are the same. They encourage flowers and plants to grow with their song that sounds both like a kitten’s purr and a bird’s chirp. Mune doesn’t connect with his night companions. He prefers to play and mess around, which lands him into trouble with the presumed next Guardian of the Moon, Leeyoon.

Now let’s pause here, and move from night to day.

Glim is born from dawn and dusk. She is made of wax. Unable to venture into the sun for the sake of melting, or into the beautiful night for fear of freezing, Glim cannot leave her home nor the grasp of her overly-protective father. As such, Glim has read every ancient text available to her, she charts the stars and knows their names. She’s also very aware of the paths the Sun and Moon Temples take. Long story, short. She’s this world’s version of Belle from Beauty and the Beast.
When her father forbids her from going to the Guardian Naming Ceremony, where the old Guardians of the Sun and Moon choose their heirs, do you think our Icarian bookworm listens? Yeah, you’re right. She doesn’t.

It is at this Naming ceremony that our two characters, Mune and Glim, meet. Indirectly, that is.

When the new Guardian of the Sun, Sohone –who is the stereotypical jock type, and older than both Mune and Glim– is named the crowd goes wild! Our Glim is no exception. Mune, who is also sneaking into the ceremony, sees Glim and can’t help but stop and look at her. She begins to turn, and Mune leaves, scampering into the bushes while the Guardian of the Moon is being named. Leeyoon stands before the old Guardian, waiting to be approached by the night’s most innocent creature The Ewe (resembling a lamb and a deer). But The Ewe passes right by Leeyoon and noses its way into the bushes, thereby choosing Mune as the next Guardian.

And so the adventure begins!

To refrain from spoiling any more than I already have, I will stop there, and focus on one character who is neither Guardian, night, nor day, but our waxen leading lady, Glim. Glim is more than your everyday bookworm yearning for adventure, she is brave, she is capable, and she will take no one’s crap! She is an ideal female figure for children to look up to. When things go wrong –as they inevitably do in any tale– she steps in with her knowledge and quick thinking. She does so without hesitation, or self-doubt. And she doesn’t sneak out either. She walks out the front door, after encouraging her father to let her go. The girl’s got attitude, and I mean that in a good way. She isn’t afraid to tell a character to get lost when they mistreat her or her friend. When unfreezing to find someone holding her, her immediate response is, “Hands off!” Call me crazy, but I think these traits are all great things for young girls to have. Yes, be kind, but don’t be afraid to tell people how it is they make you feel. Glim certainly doesn’t. And for all her, “But the ancient books say…” no one once calls her bossy or a know-it-all. I think one of my favorite things about her character is that while she may be a bookworm, she isn’t shy, and she doesn’t fawn over the handsome, sporty Sohone. Don’t get me wrong, she thinks he’s cute and cool, but her confidence in herself doesn’t leave her.

Of course Glim isn’t perfect. She isn’t always fearless and she doesn’t always know what to do. But she’s honest about that. For the type of story Mune is; two male main characters who become Guardians, Glim is no lesser than them. If you watch the movie for any reason, watch it for the mythology and her.


I know I haven’t talked about any books for a while, you’ll have to forgive me. If you follow me on Goodreads, you’ll see that I have read nothing this year and that’s because…I’ve been reading…other things… *cough*. Oh! But hey, on that note, if you click on the Books link at the top of the page you’ll notice I have listed every single book I read last year, divided by genre. And you can follow me on Goodreads from the link I provide. 🙂


Thanks for reading!



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