Hello dear readers!

As the title of this post suggests, I have an announcement! As of the end of this month, I am done blogging.

I know, I know. I’m pretty bummed about it. There was a lot I had planned to share with you guys. Beginning with more Egyptian mythology and The Little Prince and other children’s novels (which I am so sorry I haven’t written on children’s books for a while, between researching for my novel and doing other bookish things with it, picking up a children’s book hasn’t been in the cards for me), I had a lot of ideas. I’ve been thinking that for this month I may post once a week until the end of the year for the sake of those ideas, but I may be a little busy what with holidays, and, well, I’m moving.

This is where the rest of my announcement comes in: I’m going back to school. Now, if you read my How to Follow Your Dreams in Three Easy Steps post I’m sure this announcement is a little confusing. Why would I go back to school if I felt so strongly about leaving it? Short answer: I would like to move out.

Long answer: My career goal is to be an established author. After leaving school two years ago, I gave 100% to writing and while I know writing takes time (editing, editing, editing, rereading, editing, etc.) what was impressed upon me was exactly how much time it would take. A mysterious amount of time. Not only does the book decide when it’s ready, there’s the amount of time querying takes, hearing back from agents, signing with an agent, getting the book publisher ready, signing with a publisher, and after all that, the average amount of time it takes a book to go from the publisher to the shelves is two years. That’s the average amount of time, two years. And that’s not including the amount of time it takes the book to make friends with readers out there! So! I had a moment. I could either stay at home for at least two more years (at least!) or I could go back to school to get my degree and get a job to support my career. Sounds like a funny statement, but it’s honest. Seeing as I’m an independent person who believes she’s been living at home for too long to begin with, I chose the latter. It’s because I’m going back to school that I’ll no longer be running the blog. I will leave all my posts, however, I won’t be updating anything. School, the book, and you know, my life, will be taking priority. I do have another announcement though!

If you’ve been following me on Instagram for a while, you may remember my “A Day in the Life of a Writer” posts. I’ve decided to bring those back! I haven’t yet decided whether they’ll be bi-montly like these posts or if I’ll just post when there’s something to say (the latter sounds like the more obvious of the two, haha), but! I would like to bring those back. I thought it might comfort other aspiring writers to see someone work on their book and uphold a heavy responsibility like school or work. These posts require a lot less research and time, it’s just the matter of giving you a little snapshot of my life. I’ll start those in January.  You can find my Instagram here.

One final announcement for you all: I’ve decided to create an Etsy shop! I had an idea, and I thought it might help people. My shop’s name is Iris’s Bookshop and Etc. As you may have guessed, I sell secondhand and lightly used books that have found their way to me and I wish to pass them along to someone else. I also sell tea. My own tea, from plants that I raised and dried. And I sell letters. Not just any kind of letters, I am a ghost letter writer. If you’d like to know more, follow me on Instagram for the official announcement of the shop’s opening as well as other details. That’s right! The shop isn’t officially open yet (you guys are the first platform I’ve openly announced it on 🤫) so stay tuned!

Ok, I think that’s all the announcements I have for you. I’m really very excited about moving back (still a bit skeptical about school, but I think I picked some good professors) and what’s so great about this decision is that I decided to do it for me. And that fact changes the game. 🙂

Thank you so much for reading these past two years. I am sending you all hugs! Stay tuned in for the rest of the year. You’ll hear from me soon. 🙂

Thanks for reading,


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