For those of you who have yet to hear of the magical and mythical Goodreads, consider this your Lewis wardrobe. Goodreads is what I like to call the social media website for book lovers. Below you will find several lists (or Listopias, as Goodreads likes to call them) of books surrounding the I.o.a.C. theme. You may vote on these lists and also nominate your own title worthy of the list’s theme. However, you do need to have an account do these fun things! Feel free comment below with your own suggestions!


– M

1. List of Best Teen Books About Real Problems:

2. Children’s Books I’ll Re-Read No Matter How Old I am:

3. Best Books for Reluctant Readers

4. The Best Fairytales and Retellings (on this one I have personally voted)

5. Mythical Creatures

6. Recently, I read Alexander Pushkin’s short stories for book research and found they read like fairytales


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