On Writing a Book

Well hello there! I’m sure you read the title and thought, “I don’t think this has to do with a fairytale.” You’re correct! It doesn’t. Well, in a roundabout way it could, but you get my meaning. I’ve written about writing before, both on my book The Coffin-maker’s Basement, and on being a writer in general from … More On Writing a Book

A Year in Books: 2017

We interrupt the sequel to Trickster Gods to bring you this special post! A Year in Books! Featuring favorites, recommendations, and more! That’s right humans of Earth! I bring to you a chronological, historic epic of my reads! This post is inspired by Drizzle and Hurricane Books, you can check them out by clicking on the … More A Year in Books: 2017

Into the Woods

Hello, hello, hello dear readers! I hope you all are having a lovely Thursday. I can assure you I am, as I get to write about something I’ve wanted to write about for a while now. A song! (But what do you mean, you’ve posted on songs before. Like Here Comes a Thought from Steven Universe.) Yes! … More Into the Woods