HelloOOOOoooOOOooOOoOo! If you read my previous post on A Brief History of Faeries, you’ll know I talked a bit about jack-o-lanterns, better known as will-o-the-wisps. This week, I’m talking about Jack-o-lanterns as we know them– the pumpkins we carve for Halloween. HALLOWEEN! The most magical time of the year! Take a seat kiddos (dunno why … More Jack-o-Lantern

The Foxglove

Good Thursday, readers! Since I’ve written on the legend behind the Chinese Lily Lycoris Radiata, I’ve wanted to look into more myths and legends surrounding flowers. This week, I thought I’d focus on the British Isle’s foxgloves. A sign and symbol of the fae, foxgloves have a few different nicknames that nod to the flower’s … More The Foxglove


Good Thursday, dear readers! I had a sudden realization recently and that was: I haven’t done any posts on Egyptian gods. Which is bonkers since I’ve known about Egyptian gods the same length of time as Greek gods. Unfortunately, given the popularity of Greek versus Egyptian gods, Greek gods came up more often. Even as … More Bastet

On Editing a Book

Hello ladies and gents! I am waaaay hecka busy today! I planned this post for a little later in the year, but given the timing of things recently, I haven’t had the opportunity to sit down and write new posts. So! For those of you just joining us, I’m Mackenzie –Mac, for short– and I’m … More On Editing a Book