Culture and Diversity in Avatar the Last Airbender

GOOD MORNING EARTHBENDING STUDENTS! I’ve debated on whether or not to make this particular post a series, touching on each element separately and then it occurred to me that I can’t talk about diversity in the whole of the show if I split everyone up! Silly me! Let’s dive right in, shall we? The Water … More Culture and Diversity in Avatar the Last Airbender


Hawaiian volcano goddess. You’re welcome. According to, Pele is “…beautiful, awe-inspiring, strong, powerful, creative, active, enthusiastic, spontaneous, alive, passionate, hot and eruptive.” Pele is the fire and volcano goddess of Hawaii and one of the most revered gods in Hawaiian mythology. She was born to Haumea, an ancient earth goddess, and Moemoe a god … More Pele

On Writing a Book

Well hello there! I’m sure you read the title and thought, “I don’t think this has to do with a fairytale.” You’re correct! It doesn’t. Well, in a roundabout way it could, but you get my meaning. I’ve written about writing before, both on my book The Coffin-maker’s Basement, and on being a writer in general from … More On Writing a Book